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February 4, 2008


                                  Peter W Jones  AMInstP

The above depicts a Tiger Moth Biplane of the same type that I was a passenger in many years ago. I recalled this event in 2003 and remembered that the plane had a take off speed of about 60 mph. If I had not made this connection and the possible comparability with the critical air speed for a small caravan, I doubt whether I could have made a minor contribution to road safety by writing these blogs.

A much greater contribution to our Health and Well Being was made by  the WW2 RAF trainee pilots who did their initial flying training in these air craft at the Wolverhampton ( Pendeford) Airport.  My parents’ house was fairly close to the air field and as a child the RAF caused me more anxiety than the Germans (even though I never actually saw a “trainee” pilot plane crash into a house). The Germans, failing  to discover that we had (in proportion) as many vital targets as Birmingham and Coventry,   kept well away.

I would like to pay tribute to the many RAF pilots who trained at Wolverhampton, but did not survive the war. 

There is a further note concerning Tiger Moth Bi Planes at the end of  the section 18b on  HGV Trailers.


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